Address: No., 35 Upper Village, Ma On Shan Tsuen


How to access:


1. NR84 Shuttle Bus(On Luk Street Shuttle Bus Stop, Ground Level, Sunshine City (Phase 4) – next to minibus stop) -

2. New Territories taxis

3. By car (search “Grace Youth Camp” on google map)


NR84 Shuttle Bus Schedule

 Ma On Shan Tsuen -> Ma On Shan station (Sunshine City)

Daily  07:00 08:30 10:00 11:30  13:30 16:30△ 17:00 18:00


Ma On Shan station (Sunshine City) -> Ma On Shan Tsuen

Daily  08:00 09:30 10:30 13:00  16:00 16:40# 17:30 19:00


Bus Fare: HKD7 per trip per person

Δ From Ma On Shan Tusen to Yiu On Estate(terminus), not stopping at Ma On Shan station (Sunshine City)

#  From Yiu On Estate to Ma On Shan Tsuen, not stopping at Ma On Shan station (Sunshine City)



Pick-up point: On Luk Street, Sunshine City (next to minibus stop)

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Drop-off point: Ma On Shan Tsuen

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After drop-off, look for Ping On Bridge, follow the instruction plate, stay on the right and walk straight up the stairs.