礦山文化保育 ● 慈善籌款

Mine Heritage Cultural Revitalization ● Charity

26/2 (日 | SUN) - 馬鞍山郊野公園 Ma On Shan Country Park

立即報名 Enroll Now

報名須知及聲明 Notes on Enrolment and Declaration

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    For application through online enrollment system, please send the donations by online payment by credit card.

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    報名必須於 2017 年 1 月 31日下午 5 時前成功在網站報名及繳付最低籌款額,因活動名額有限,報名以先到先得為準(最早繳付最低籌款額,即成功經銀行過數為準),額滿即止。不設現場報名。

    Successful online applications have to be made before 5pm on 31st January, 2017 upon settling the payment of the minimum donation amount. The application is on a first-come, first-served basis. (The earliest minimum donation made, based on the time which the inward remittance is credited). No walk-in is allowed.

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    Each team has to hand in one application only. The donation amount is counted as a team. Once the online application is confirmed, team leaders will receive an email titled “Online Payment Confirmation”. If leaders cannot receive any confirmation of the application within a week, please contact the organizer by 3421-1436.

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    The receipts for online registration will be mailed to the team leaders. Leaders should help distribute the receipts to each donor.

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    After subtracting all the necessary expenses, the raised fund will go to ELCHK, Grace Youth Camp. The donations will be used to support the culture conservation and revitalization of mine village, as well as to advance the community education.

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    礦山挑戰企業賽及公開賽參加者必須於 2017 年2月 26日當天年滿 15歲,礦山挑戰親子賽參加者必須於 2017 年2月 26日當天年滿 6歲。

    For both the Hong Kong Mine Challenge 2017 – Corporate Race and Open Race, participants must be 15 years old or above as of 26th February, 2017. And for Hong Kong Mine Challenge 2017 - Family Race, at least one of the participants must be 6 years old or above as of 26th February, 2017.

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    18 歲或以下參賽者需獲家長或監護人的同意方可參加,請到活動網頁下載區內下載「家長或監護人同意書」,並按指示填妥及交回同意書。

    Participants aged below 18 should complete an approval form with parents’ or guardian’s signature and disclaimer. Please download the “Approval by Parents or Guardians” in “Download area” of the web page and return the disclaimer upon completion.

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    隊伍如在報名後有任何資料更改,請到活動網頁下載區內下載「隊伍資料更新表格」並於 2017 年 1月 15日或之前按指示填妥及交回。否則,大會有權取消其參賽資格。

    If any amendments have to be made after the application, please go to the “Download Area” of the event website and download “Team Detail Renewal Form”. Please complete and return the form on or before 15th January, 2017. Otherwise, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the team’s eligibility.

  • 9


    Team originally taking part in Family Race have to give extra basic donation if they decide to participate in Open Race instead. The submitted extra donation will not be refunded if team decided to change from participating in Open Race to Family Race. The application is on a first-come, first-served basis and the organizer holds the right to accept the application according to the situation.

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    The race requires demanding physical labor and will possibly be held at outdoor under stifling heat or chilly weather. Participants should consider whether they are physically fit to take part in this competition.

  • 11


    Public liability insurance and personal accident insurance is covered by the organizer. Participants are advised to enroll for extra personal accident insurance if necessary.

  • 12


    The event will be canceled if the Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signals, or the Tropical Cyclone Signal No.3 or above is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory at or before 5a.m. on the event day.

    The further arrangement will be announced on the event website if the Yellow Rainstorm Warning Signals or the Thunderstorm Warning is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory at or before 5a.m. on the event day.

  • 13


    If the event is canceled due to bad weathers or other circumstances, all donations and fees will be used for charitable purpose.

  • 14


    The collected personal data will be used specifically for the purpose of application, preparation and promotion of the race. The organizer will retain part of the personal data (including name, contact number and email address) to send out updated news for other activities held by the Grace Youth Camp. If you would rather not receive any information about the organizer, please download a form from ELCSSHK website and send it to our executive manager in the head office. Should you have any enquiries, please contact the executive manager by 2710-8313.>

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    Participants will have to follow the rules set by the organizer and hold all responsibility for any accident of whatever kind, resulting in death or injury, and/or any damage, loss or destruction of personal properties during the course of the Event. The organizer Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong, any donors and/or supporting organizations will not hold any responsibility for that.

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    You will have to authorize the organizer and the media for using your portrait, name and voice for marketing or promotional purposes without your consent.

  • 17


    Should any dispute arise, the decision of Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong shall be final.