On Shan Eco-tour

On Shan Eco-tour



Ma On Shan was the only iron mine in Hong Kong and had employed more than 3,000 miners during its peak and boasted as many as 10,000 residents living there. Starting from a mining industry to gradually develop into a village with a church and a school, there were many interesting stories with love, laughter and tears behind.



Our Eco-tour docents will guide you through the mining village, religious architecture and the mining heritage site. Participants will “act” as miners, learn about the glorious history of Ma On Shan Mine in 1950s and 1960s and get a real look into a miner’s life. Participants can also search for iron ore and tryout some local snacks there. After the 3-hour exploratorium tour, you will have a special understanding of our unique mining industry.




Private Eco-tour

Date: Reservation required, pick a suitable date from Tuesday to Sunday.

Time : 10:00 – 13:00 or 14 :00 – 17 :00 (3 hours)

Venue: ELCHK, Grace Youth Camp

No. of participants: 15-30 (Please form your own group)

Transportation: Self-arranged (Transportation arrangement available on request, charges negotiable)

Fees: $150 per person

How to enrol: Complete the enrolment form on our webpage. For enquiries, call 3421 1436.