Mine Village Heritage

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At its peak period, there were as many as 3,000 miners working in the mines and together with their families, over ten thousand people lived in this village bringing sweet memories and touching stories from their daily lives.


Ma On Shan mining village......

1951: "Ma On Shan Lutheran Primary School children of mine workers" was established to provide education to the children of mine village.

1960: "Lutheran Kindergarten " was launched.

1976: Ma On Shan mine closed down and a large number of villagers moved out, Lutheran kindergartens and schools also closed down.


"Having brought up from a wealthy family and graduated from the Institute of Education, she was full of passion to go teaching in the villages near the mountains. After a 3 hours journey, she arrived at the school and began teaching music to the children. However, there was no music room nor piano but this was how she started a memorable teaching experience."

Qiu Yuzhu Peak Lutheran school teacher(now retired).