Religious Heritage

Explore the religious heritage of the mining village


Lutheran Church saw the needs of the Ma On Shan mine village and provided relief, education and evangelism in the region.  In 1952, Jia Yong Zhen became the first Pastor.


Ma On Shan Church......

1950: Lutheran Seminary students Penrose lamb, Joseph Hu and Yang Maoxuan start mine evangelism.

1952: Lutheran Church built the first cathedral-style chapel and Mr. Jia Yong Zhen was ordained as a priest.

1953: Mr. Zhang Zi Qian was ordained as a priest.

1961: Lutheran church officially named Yan Kwong Church.


The church built primary schools and kindergartens to cater the needs of the miners’ children but due to a typhoon, the schools were destructed but the miners’ parishioners built a village (Known as Lutheran Village) and for the last 50 years, Lutheran Church has been providing relief, education and community support work.


Excerpts ......

"He is a Mainland student and went to Ma On Shan in 1948 to become a church pastor.  He has devoted the whole of his life to serve the miners and their families, built schools and relief work, fostered many young kids and each and every student remembers how supportive and caring he is to the village. "

Yan Kwong Church former Lutheran Church Pastor Zhang Zi Qian (now retired)