Mining Village Snacks Workshop


In such a hustle and bustle city, everyone can hardly slow down to enjoy a decent meal, let alone spare time to create homemade delicacies. We rush all the time, overlooking many details around us. How about slowing down for once and make some mining village snacks ? Let us heartily feel the relics of the past with our true senses.



Mine Cookies Making to learn more about the history of Lutheran Yan Kwong Church and the stories of the mining village.


Date: Reservation required, pick a suitable date from Tuesday to Sunday.

Time : 10:00 – 13:00 or 14:00 – 17 :00 (3 hours)

Venue: ELCHK, Grace Youth Camp

No. of participants: 10 (Please form your own group)

Transportation: Self-arranged (take NR84 Shuttle Bus(On Luk Street Shuttle Bus Stop, Ground Level, Sunshine City (Phase 4) – Maonshan MTR station Exit B). Transportation arrangement available on request, charges negotiable)

Fees: $200 per person