Mining Village Half-Day Family Outing


In our hectic city life, parents are already super busy at work, leaving them almost no time to engage in outdoor activities with their kids. Our Mining Village Half-Day Family Outing is designed for parents and their children to chill out for a day and foster stronger relationships within the family. While cherishing their quality time together, they are also able to learn about the mining industry of Ma On Shan through lively and fun activities.



A. Guided Family Tour at designated points

Visiting some of our selected points among our classified Grade III historical architecture, find out interesting mining village treasure with moms and dads, and learn about those amazing stories of the mining village.

B. Your choice (choose from Activities list)

C. Your choice (choose from Activities list)

D. Enjoy spectacular views of Ma On Shan

Enjoy a cup of free fresh grinded fair trade coffee/hand-dripped hot chocolate


Activities (Duration of each activity is approximately 45 – 60 mins)

1. Mining Truck paper model making

Learn how to make an exquisite mining truck paper model and understand how it operates in the past. Complete a fun task with the magnetically-driven mining truck!

2. Mining Village Family Sports Day

Families gather to experience some of the popular game events in the former school such as rolling rings and milk-mug stilts

3. Miners Workshop

Learn about the mining history of Ma On Shan, how to pick an ore and to identify fine iron minerals, get first-hand experience of mining sandy ore.

4. Visiting heritage mining site (240ML mine cave)

A guided tour to allow participants to “act” as miners and take a glimpse of the glorious yet forgotten history of Ma On Shan Mine in 1950s and 1960s. Participants can experience the life of miners in the past as well as searching for iron ore.

5. Mining Village Snacks Workshop

Brown Sugar Bread/Mine Cookies Making to get a real “taste” of the past miners’ life while learning more about the history of Lutheran Yan Kwong Church and the stories of the mining village.



Date: Reservation required, pick a suitable date from Tuesday to Sunday.

Time : 10:00 – 13:30 or 13:30 – 17 :00 (3.5 hours)

Venue: ELCHK, Grace Youth Camp

No. of participants: 10 (Please form your own group)

Transportation: Self-arranged (take NR84 Shuttle Bus(On Luk Street Shuttle Bus Stop, Ground Level, Sunshine City (Phase 4) – Maonshan MTR station Exit B). Transportation arrangement available on request, charges negotiable)

Fees: $220 per adult, $155 per child (aged 3-12)


Fees are inclusive of:

1. A cup of free fresh grinded fair trade coffee/ hand-dripped hot chocolate/soft drink per person.

2. Activity materials and tools

3. Grace Youth Camp souvenir